रोहित शर्मा की पत्नी मैदान पर विराट की तरफ कर रही थीं ऐसे इशारे, गुस्से से आग बबूला हो गए कोहली

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रोहित शर्मा की पत्नी मैदान पर विराट की तरफ कर रही थीं ऐसे इशारे, गुस्से से आग बबूला हो गए कोहली...

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In the 14th match of IPL tournament held on Tuesday in IPL 2018, Mumbai defeated Bengaluru by 46 runs
During a match, a moment came when Virat Kohli became angry at the umpire, and he also showed his resentment on the field.

These moments happened in 18.2 overs during the innings of Mumbai. When Chris Woakes was bowled, Hardik Pandey was given out by the field umpire. However, after the DRS, they were given a notout. While the ball in the TV replays was hit by Hardik's bat.
After this, Virat got angry when Hardak was not given out, and he talked with the umpire. However his appeal had no effect. Meanwhile, when the decision to dismiss Hardik was changed, Rohit Sharma's wife Ritika, who was watching the match sitting in the stadium, jumped happily.
He was clinging on seeing Viraat and clapping. Because of the hearty knockout exit, Ritika and her parents played a lot of clips and celebrated.

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